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New Nordic Hair Volume Tablets, 90 Count Review

New Nordic Hair Volume Tablets, 90 Count Review


Model: HV90



    • For healthy and beautiful hair
    • Helps nourish your hair from within
    • With procyanidin B-2 from apples
    • Contains nutrients for hair, skin and nails



HV90 Reviews

“First Off I want to Say I’m A Real Woman”

First off I’d like to say I am a real girl, in my late 40s I purchased this thing at full cost no discounts in any way. It was on a Saturday as soon as Hair Volume was obtained by me in the email. I stated taking the vitamin that day, actually it’s a large pill, at first I thought WOW that is a big pill to swallow , so there was not problem consuming it at 45,, but there is a coating on it. I have been taken them for two weeks now and I do see a difference on the amount of hair that emerges in my comb, there’s a considerable quantity less, dont get me wrong I have any shedding, but nothing like that was before. On the 16th of January 2016 I had over 10 inches of my hair cut off, it was damaged and dry, I wanted to begin fresh while choosing the Hair Volume product. I have been to my dr. and had blood work done. I’m fine nothing wrong with my my thyroid, so at this point the only thing that my dr. came up with for my baldness is anxiety, which I’ve a good deal of. I run an in home Day Care. I purchased the 90 count, therefore I will return in a few weeks to allow you to know how they’re currently working for me. Oh by the way I have seen no aid with my nails (dividing, breaking) at this point, actually only bought the product for my hair, maybe not my nails.UPDATE :I just thought I would update my review like I said I would. At this point I have been about the Hair Volume vitamins for over a month now, and I have to say that I have really seen a difference. My hair stopped falling out, I would find one hair on my brush now, my hair seems to be easier to manage and the shine and softness is AMAZING, I purchased the 90 day distribution and I know that it was lots of money to spend on a product that I have never tried before, but trust me once I say that I will purchase this vitamin again. The delivery was fast and the tablets leave no taste at all, all though they are big, they do not appear to get stuck.

New Nordic Hair Volume Tablets, 90 Count Review | HV90 Review


“Works Great For Me”

I love this product – and for me it works, might not work for everybody but it will for me personally. When the joys of menopause began I started loosing my hair – finally got to this one and tried products. Within a couple of weeks of taking it I could see a lot of growth and that I lost hair with brushing, washing and random shedding. The area that I stopped taking it and I used to dictate if from went out of business and I started loosing hair – hurried to dependable Amazon and I wont lapse – one pill per day from now on. I also have noticed a gap in my nails and skin .

New Nordic Hair Volume Tablets, 90 Count Review | HV90 Review